Princiology A man sitting alone: what betrays you

What Betrays You?


The life of Jesus and his disciples is undoubtedly full of important lessons that can shape our lives for the purpose(s) of God. The study of their words and actions, together with the power of the Holy Spirit, is enough to claim complete Christian living for believers. One of these lessons is revealed in the book of Matthew chapter 26 verse 73.

After Jesus was arrested in the garden of Gethsemane and taken to the palace of the High priest, Peter followed him to see the end. Many people who were interested in watching Jesus must have also gathered. Then in the midst of sitting and interacting with different kinds of people also there, some of the people he met began to recognize him as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Apparently, Simon Peter felt safe sitting with them because he thought he would not be suspected.

But something revealed his presence; something told the people sitting with him that a part of Jesus was with them, something singled him out as different from the crowd; what was that thing?

The Recognition

One may begin to think he was recognized facially. Others may say his way of dressing must have identified him, or perhaps he had emotions and was not comfortable with seeing Jesus punished. Nevertheless, the book of Matthew 26: 73 gives a clear reason for Peter’s identification.

‘And after a while came unto him they that stood by, and said to Peter, surely thou also hath one of them; for thy speech bewrayeth thee.’

The verse perfectly show us that what made Peter identifiable as a disciple of Jesus Christ was his way of speaking. His walk with Jesus had effectively changed the way he thought_ ‘out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.’ The change was so obvious that the people around him needed no soothsayer to tell them he had being with Jesus.

What Betrays You

The question remains, what betrays you? Are you so lost with the things of this world that people no longer see a difference between you and sinners? Is your life giving a difference, or a conclusion that we are all the same?

As Christians, we are called to be Christ representatives in this world i.e. People that others can look at and get a view of how Jesus lived. This is what it means to be called a chosen generation. It is not enough to say it with our mouth, putting it into practise is the real job.

The Difference

If you are sitting somewhere, and everyone is abusing the government and you join them then you are not goodly representing Christ. At least the Bible tells us to respect all authorities.

If all you can do as a believer is to sit around and complain like other people do, then you are wrong. If your words and actions are not glaring to identify Christ in you, then you are not a Christian. And it is not just about saying_ all is well, it is about doing things that reveal the situation as being well.


Let us all yield to the call of being Christ-like, it is our true and perfect identity as Christians.

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