Princiology - The word of God is everything

The Word of God is Everything part (2)

This is the second part of this message – The Word of God is Everything.

5. His word gives us hope:

Col 1:27_ “To whom God would make known what is then riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentile; which is Christ in you, the hope of Glory.

6. His word guides our feet

Psalms 199:105_ “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”

7. His word gives Healing.

Psalm 107: 20a_ “He sent His word, and healed them….”

8. His word is Deliverance:

Psalm 107:20b_ “… and delivered them from their destructions.” The deliverance in the word of God is able to save from all oppressions, depressions, and even addictions

9. His word gives success:

God promised Joshua success if he would keep His word. It doesn’t matter if you are brilliant or the greatest of all dummies, if you would give his word a place in your life, you will have victory.

10. His word gives Prosperity

Psalm 1:1-3. There is true prosperity in the word of God.

11. His word gives Peace:

You should remember the story of Jesus and His disciples, when they were in the midst of the sea. Jesus stood up, pronounced his word, and it was all over.

What is your attitude to the word of God?

I want you to have a positive attitude to the word of God. Put your whole faith in the word of God. It was true Peter and his mates, professional fishermen, had worked all night, getting nothing. But as he, peter, harkened to the word of God, they caught thousands of fishes.

Reference the word of God

We fail to give reference to the word of God because we do not know the value of it. Because you have so many Bibles does not mean you should fill one with phone numbers. Stop jesting with the word of God, it isn’t funny.
Read, meditate and confess the word of God_ Joshua 1:8

Promptly obey the word:

Some of us love to argue with the word of God. If something is stated in the word of God, you don’t need to find another evidence to prove it. The word of God is to believe, not to rationalise.

In conclusion

Revelation 19:13 “And he was clothed with a venture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of GOD.” As front today, I want you to put all your faith in the word of God, everything you need is just therein. Your success is therein, you prosperity is therein, your fruitfulness is therein, your healing is therein, your liberation is therein, your salvation is therein… mention it? It is all therein.

Why don’t you promise God now that you will always abide by his word? Why don’t you give Him your word? Tell him to forgive you of your past ignorance; I believe He is ready to help you and teach you on the right way to treat His word.

Pst. Julius Olaposi (WJALC)

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