The Holy Communion and Divine Intervention

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Divine Intervention

What we refer to as ‘Divine intervention’ would not have been necessary if we, as men, can control and manage all situations we find ourselves in. However, so many things happen to us that is beyond our power and ability. Divine intervention is therefore the supernatural ability of God in attending to, and solving, situational problems of man.

The holy communion is one of the sacrament instituted by God for us to attain the fullness of the ministry of Christ. The Holy communion is not just meant to be eaten every first Sunday, or every last Sunday, but as many times as possible. Like 22: 78-20. It is also meant for the remembrance of what Christ did for us.

The shadow

As we should know, the Old Testament is given as a shadow for the new. So, the doctrine called the Holy Communion is not an exception. In the book of Exodus 12, the Lord explained to Moses how the Israelites should make themselves ready for the Passover. Therein, God analysed the significance of an Holy meal. The lamb without blemish that God asked them to take and use is Jesus himself.

This is confirmed by the words of John the Baptist in the new Testament. Jesus Christ is the original Lamb, the Lamb of God. Jesus is the only lamb without blemish, ready and worthy to pay the sacrifice for the cleansing of man. 2 Cor 5: 21. Jesus carried the sin of the world that we may all receive righteousness in him. 1 Pet 2:22-23. Well enough, the Israelites performed the Passover perfectly in the way of the Lord, and then they experienced Divine intervention. Divine Intervention Is for those that will perfectly follow the way of the Lord.

The Passover

The first male children of the Israelites found divine intervention, the women escaped tears of death. Even though the angel of death truly passed over them, nevertheless, they were not affected. The Israelites enjoyed a lot because of their obedience.

* They escaped premature death

* Got free from bondage Exodus 12:31-32
* Obtained unmerited favor. Exodus 12:35-36
* Started to enjoy divine presence. Exodus 13: 21-22
* They got victory over their enemies. Exodus 14:15-16

God is ever willing to grant us all these, if we would walk in the way of the Lord, keeping His commandments diligently. The blood the Lord gave the Israelites has been forever supplemented by the blood of Jesus Christ. Whoever will enjoy divine intervention from the Lord must live in Jesus Christ. Whoever is not living in Jesus Christ will be bruised by Satan. But if you take your stand in Jesus, then you are more than just a conqueror.


In conclusion, divine intervention is available for you, but you must obey His instructions, keep his commands and be rest assured that it is well with you.

Pst. (Dr) Mrs. Titilayo Olaposi

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