Offer a helping hand: Save a soul

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A Question First?

Have you ever seen a person, young or old, with an empty bowl in his hand, begging and clamouring for help? Or you should perhaps have seen a woman on a wheel chair, sitting beside a road, wanting to meet a Samaritan. The poor and the needy are always a part of our society, we can’t drive them out.

It is even written in the Bible that the poor will always be on the land. But what do we do when we see oppression in these people, what has always been our reaction to this category of humans?

Do we just pass by them and close our eyes to safe ourselves from emotional feelings? Perhaps we are so sick and tired of them that we wish they would all be packed up and thrown somewhere.


When Moses killed an Egyptian and departed the land of Egypt, he fled to the land of Median. And immediately he got to the land of median, he sat down by a well. {Exodus 2:15}.

This man called Moses had enough to worry about. His emotional disturbance was big enough to be blue for. I mean, He was born as a Hebrew, named by an Egyptian, raced at infancy as a Hebrew, grew up in the palace of Egypt. His life was as divided as anything could be.

And while he was only trying to fix things with his mind, he ended up killing an Egyptian. And then his own life was in jeopardy, his entire being was in danger, Pharaoh sought to kill him, he had to leave everything behind and run for his life. What an awful state a man could be? I think Moses should have just jumped into that well that day and drown himself.

Offer a helping hand

But instead, Moses used his presence there as an opportunity to help a group of seven daughters who were being molested by some Shepard.

Moses rose above his feelings, he went beyond his state of mind, he neglected his problems and went to the aid of some other people. I am yet to see a kind of Christian that will do this nowadays.

A type of Christian

A Christian that we stand, despite his hardship and personal problems, to help the helpless. A Christian that will choose to give, even though he has nothing to eat. Are you that kind of a Christian?

This was exactly what the widow of Zarephath did when Elijah asked for a morsel of bread. It was the last food she had for her and her son, but she still gave it, to who? A hungry Prophet who appeared from nowhere.

Change a life

Choosing to offer a helping hand can change your life, it did for Moses. He, a wanderer to be, was called into a good house to eat and live. He was given a job, and later, a wife.

He was fruitful and he multiplied; what a change. And to brighten it all up, he received his legendry service while he was just serving.

You may not have what it takes to give millions, but make sure you give something. You may not be able to build an orphanage, but you can at least offer a meal.

What Goes Around

It is a tested and proven law; whatever you give will come back to you. Why not be a Good Samaritan to that boy beside you, a virtuous neighbour to that old fellow. You may just save a life, secure a generation, and change your own story.

Share it

Share the food, the cloths, the shoes, your material properties, your time, and most especially, share Christ.

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Inioluwa Olaposi is a believer, blogger, and more. He is a 300L student of the Faculty of Law, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. He founded PRINCIOLOGY.COM in 2018.

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