Love as the Nature of God

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In the beginning when God created the heaven and the earth, He created man in His image and likeness, He put them in the garden of Eden where He had already provided everything man needed and He gave them power to rule and dominate over all living creatures both on land and in the water bodies. – Love as God’s nature.

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He gave man permission to eat of the fruit of every tree in the garden of Eden except the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.(Genesis 1-2)

Satan came in the form of serpent to deceive Eve (the woman God created from Adam’s rib), to eat of the fruit God had commanded them not to eat. Eve was deceived by the devil, she ate the fruit and gave it to her husband also.

After this incident, God’s glory departed from the life of Adam and Eve and they die a spiritual death. Their communion with God was broken and they can no longer relate with God as they used too. They were sent out of the garden of Eden and this started the journey of man’s disobedience which is called SIN.(Genesis 3)

Since the fall of man, God has been looking for ways to reconcile men back to him. During the time of Noah when men began to multiply in the face of the earth, God was displeased with the wickedness of man so he decided to destroy man whom he has created from the face of the earth but Noah found grace in the sight of the Lord.(Genesis 6:8)

The New Generation – Love as the nature of God

So the Lord decided to start a new generation with Noah and his family with the expectation that man will remain loyal to him but the reverse was the case. After the flood as man began to multiply sin also multiplied.(Genesis6-9)

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After some years, God took Interest in one of the sons of Terah named Abram which was later changed to Abraham. GOD brought him out of his father’s house to a land He promised to him and his descendant.

God chose Abraham and his descendant (called the people of Israel) to be His own people. He delivered them from captivity, and was with them throughout their journey in the wilderness (pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire by night).

He took them to the Promised Land and he help them to win all their battles and gave them laws to guide them because he want them to be pure, holy, blameless, righteous and without blemish when they come to his presence.

When they were in the Promised Land, the children of Israelite disobeyed the God that brought them out of the land of Egypt, they did not remember all signs and wonders that took place in the wilderness, they chose to follow and burn incenses to vain gods. This act displeased the Lord and He delivered them into the hands of other nations who turned them to slaves and servants.

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God through his Prophets told us about the coming of a messiah who will save his people from their destruction and gave them eternal life.(Isaiah 9:6-7) More than 2000 years ago, God sent Jesus his only begotten son to come to this world to die for our sins because he loves us and he did not want us to perish.

Christ (The Anointed one)

Christ came to this world as a man with flesh and blood (1 John 4:8), He performed so many signs and wonders but the same people he fed with 5 loaves and 2 fishes asked Pilate to crucify him.

He died, he was buried and he resurrected. Death couldn’t hold him, the veil of the temple was turned into two giving us the permission to enter into the throne of God with confidence to obtain mercy and grace in time of needs.(Hebrews 4:16)

God’s love was revealed to us through the death of Jesus on the cross because even before we were formed in our mother’s womb, He had paid for our sins.

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God’s love for us is unconditional and His love is forever.  He did not love us because of who we are or because of what we have done or because of what we are going to do (Deuteronomy 7:7, 2 Samuel 12:24).

Majority of people that claims to love someone love them because of something or because of what they could get from them and the examples of such people can be seen in the Bible. Isaac loved Esau because he did eat of his venison (Genesis 25:28), Israel loved Joseph because he was the son of his old age (Genesis 37:3), the children of Israel loved David because he conquered war for them(1 Samuel 18:16), Amnon loved Tamar because of what he wanted from her(2 Samuel 13:15) and so on and so forth. We don’t have to do anything for God to love us, we can’t work for His love.


Contributor: Temiloluwa Olaposi

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