Aftermath: Plan for the coming

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The later verses of the book of Judges Chapter 9 tell the story of a man fighting against a city. After Abimelech had fought hard and had conquered the city of Thebez, all the men and women in the city took to their heels and fled to take refuge in a tower that was located within the city. They raced to the tower, got into it, shut the door and went to stay on the roof.

And Abimelech, having seen that all the people raced to the tower, he came to the tower and stood before the locked door, seeking to burn it down with fire. But while he yet stood there, a certain unknown woman threw a piece of millstone from the top of the tower, it landed disastrously on the head Abimelech, and caused his skull to brake severely.

Planning for the coming

It was a catastrophic scene, Abimelech had to ask his armour bearer to pull a sword and slay him, so he wouldn’t be said to have been killed by a woman. And that was how Abimelech died poorly.

The story of this man makes a serious view about how many Christians today live their lives in jeopardy. Though Abimelech died according to the will of God, he wouldn’t have died if he had not so much stayed by the door.

Don’t live behind the wars

Millions of Christians around the world today live like Abimelech, we stay behind the door. We ignore the potential to sustain a serious relationship with God. We do not look seriously into finding out how to include Him in our daily activities.

And when the devil comes with his acts and pranks, we stand and begin to pray seriously. Then when it seems our request is not met, we feel depressed and really frustrated. The truth is that it doesn’t really work that way.

When Jesus wanted to provide food for thousands of people, he barely lifted the little he had, gave thanks and divided it. As I suppose, everything Jesus did to perform the miracle couldn’t have cost a minute, very different from what Christians do today.

Jesus works miracles

Consider also the raising of Lazarus from death; just a statement did the job. The apostles took this up from Jesus, Peter healed Tabitha by simply praying and saying ‘Tabitha arise.’ And that was it, the woman arose from dead. The early disciples were able to do all this because they had secured a prior relationship with God.

Here’s the truth, many conditions we find ourselves as Christians do not require hours of prayer. Many of these circumstances only require a word from us.

Be wiser than the Devil

When you have headache is not the time to start praying and shaking, it is the time to state a word. The time you feel fever is not really the time to start searching God’s word, it is the time to give a command to that evil spirit. When you stay too much by the door, you get injured before you attack.

The only way to avoid staying by the door is to have a sustained prior relationship with God. Set the time you stay with God right, observe it day after day. Bring the Spirit into your daily activities; He is ever ready to help.

Pronounce a word

So that when the devil comes, like he would always, you would have the courage to pronounce a word and command effect almost instantly.

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