Jesus, unarguably, performed many miracles when he was on earth. These included the opening of blind eyes, deaf ears, liberation from leprosy, raising from the dead and many innumerable others.

Nevertheless, the Bible contains just a few of the miracles performed by Jesus. These few apparently include major ones that needed to be written and documented for further exposition. However, out of these major ones, there are some that are more breathtaking than the others. And one of these breathtaking and incredible ones is the healing of the centurion’s servant. Though synoptic gospels differ in their narration of this incident, I’ll like to use that of Luke.

The Centurion’s Faith

When Jesus was in Capernaum (a town of ancient Palestine, on the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee), a particular centurion sent a message to Him through the elders of the Jews, that Jesus should come and heal of his dying servant. Notice that the first call was for Jesus to come and heal the servant. This call expresses, not only a belief in the ministry of Jesus, his messiah-ship, but also a significant trust in his healing power. The centurion so much believed in the healing power of Jesus that he did not just go by himself, or send other servants, but he called on the elders of the Jews to do the calling. This reveals a high-class faith in Jesus Christ. But the centurion grew more.

Jesus, seeing this type of faith, had gone with the elders to pay the centurion a visit. But then, the centurion sent another set of people to tell Jesus not to even bother to come.

The story of Faith

Through his friends, the centurion told Jesus to send only a word. The centurion made an analysis of how he could send his servant on errands and their prompt obedience. In other words, he was telling Jesus that his presence was no longer needed because He had thousands of servants at his disposal.

The belief of the centurion had grown from ‘Faith in the Healing power of Jesus,’ to ‘Faith in His sovereignty.’ His second address illustrates the fact that Jesus could not only heal, but that he could also send his word or his servants to do the job. This centurion might just have believed in angels or in the fact that the word of a man is a being on its own.

Either of the two, the faith remains supernatural. It was completely different from that of the multitude, even from that of the woman with the issue of blood.

Little wonder Jesus said_ (Luke3:9b)

“I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel.”

The fact is that God wants us to rise in our level of faith in him. Some people know that God heals with water, with oil and with the laying of hands. Some others step a little further to the realization that God heals with praise and worship, and in miracle service. These are all good, but God wants us to step into another realm of the belief that God heals with just ‘A Word.’

That a single word like ‘Rise’ can raise the sick; a single word like ‘Open’ can heal the blind. God wants you to know that your word can travel more distance than you can ever imagine. The word is power and there is power in the word.

The Word!

So next time you feel weak, why not try hitting the devil with just a word or two; and see how he shivers.