Things Form Again (A Village of no Man) – Synopsis

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When the malevolent ambition of a man is met with the required ability in agility, obliteration is inevitable.

In this novel, all the men of a land once flowing with milk and honey, are completely wiped-out by a traditional military force, under the leadership of an ambitious man.

In solidarity to their men and male children, the women decide to remain on their land until they all pop their clogs. But the decision of the women does not last for long, the realization of their feebleness and the future lives of their children overwhelms it.

The fate of the continuity of this clan then rests on the shoulders of four humans, precisely, four pregnant women. The struggle begins, the atmosphere is edgy, the awaited hope seems far. The four pregnant women, as the hope to come, faces fear, care, affection and destitution.

One dies in her pregnant state and another gives birth to a stillborn son. One of the other two gives birth to a set of twins, both girls; and then, with just one pregnant woman remaining, things go wild.

The plan to kill the woman and her child springs up, but it all comes to a sudden resolution from there. A hasty light is no more needed, the wind of peace and normalcy blows heavily.

Twelve of the men of the village is discovered to be actually alive, and they returned just in time to save the grievous situation of the village. The apple really does not fall too far from the tree, certainly, all’s well that ends well.

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