Olaposi Inioluwa: ”Golden Words”

Olaposi Inioluwa: ”Golden Words”

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“Maturity is not a criteria for Spiritual gifts, simply because they are gifts – not gotten by merit. Whereas, maturity is a fundamental requirement for Spiritual fruits – they are gotten by consistent fellowship with the Holy Spirit.
And isn’t it amazing that the Bible makes it clear that men are known by their fruits, and not by their gifts?”

When he that lies do more study than he that tells the truth, it seems as if he that lies is saying the truth, and he who is saying the truth, lying.

“What worse misfortune can befall a man? Toiling under the ferocious effect of the scourging sun, adored with the whiteness and blackness of the legal apparel; while his destiny is behind some mic in a studio, or at worse, on a stage in a cinema.
I say, what worse misfortune??”

This is that which constitute a man: his rigidity, flexibility and adaptability.

“A man is successful. Yet he does not know the path to success. Of course he tries to describe it, but he never can. Why? Time and chance happen to us all.”

There is a reality that is beyond man. And if he does not step up to know it, he will rock and rust in what he knows.

“Grace came to man that we may live a life that is specifically oblivious of the law but wholly in conformity to it.”

Energy is any force, power or impetus that is capable of bringing about a reality, especially an active one.

“There are many things that influence the will of a man; his nature, his state, his worth, but most importantly, his dream. That is why I love the saying, ‘..we are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others the ability and potential to do the same.’ This channel revolves around the core course(s) of man, the future that lies within him”

Take heart when you are criticised; for ‘everything can be criticised,’ including this aforementioned statement.

“Popularity is simply a high degree of the presence of a personality outside itself.”

The existence of the natural is enough to prove that of a supernatural!

“A lie is any expression of falsity, either directly of by necessary implication, given the fact that the executor is in full knowledge of the truth.”

When a man is full, he will surely look for something else to do. But if Africans still struggle to get their three square meals, expect no technological innovation.

“Two is the best union you can get. When you have three dots it requires technicality to make a straight line. If your life is working out straight as planned, be watchful, perhaps it is being doctored.”

In an examination, answering the question you don’t know first stress out your mind; answering the one you know first stretch out your mind.

“What does not keep you active in the day, we never consistently keep you up at nights!”