Men at work - the path to discipleship

Growing and Glowing in Christ: the path to discipleship 2


Some days ago we started this series, very important for kingdom living. God wants to grow as disciples of Christ. Jesus was not interested in the multitude, he only healed them because he always felt sympathy for them. He taught them in parables which, in most cases, they did not really understand.

Nonetheless, Jesus made every effort to make sure His disciples got the full meaning of his teachings. He gave them the analysis and explanation for every parable, he tested their faith, gave them authority, taught them how to pray, commissioned them to make disciples of all nations, told them the Holy Spirit would come upon them, and that they shall receive power afterwards.

To finish well and make heaven, you have to be a disciple, not an added number to the ‘multitude’.

Do not slack your hand

In the first part of this series, we made it clear that you must not ‘Slack your Hand’ if you want to become a disciple of Jesus. Today, we shall look at another great attribute of disciples_ it is the ability to make ‘Sacrifice(s)’. Luke 5:11 say: And when they had brought their ships to land, they forsook all and followed him.

The verse above tells us of how some disciples, left all they had and followed Jesus. The bible says ‘they forsook all.’ What was this ‘all’? Two big ships full of fishes. I wonder how mush these disciples could have sold those fishes; maybe the sale would have drastically improved their standard of living.

Maybe they could have made names for catching so much, or even receive awards. But instead of thinking of the gains and accolades, they left everything and followed Christ.

Jesus would have been interested in disciplining loafers, but he wants people who are currently employed so that they would have a sacrifice to pay when he calls them. Anything gained without sacrifice is prone to easy lose.

Luke 5:28_

‘And he left all, rose up, and followed him.’ Who is this verse referring to? Matthew (Levi). Matthew was a tax collector before Jesus called him, and of course he was working before he was called. Have you ever wondered about how much money Matthew could have been making from his work? A lot I’d say. The Bible tells of how he made a great feast in his house after he was called. He sacrificed his wealth and followed Jesus. These are examples of people who sacrificed their living to become a disciple.

Abraham and Moses are also good examples of people who sacrificed their relations to yield to God’s call.

There are so many sacrifices to give on the road of discipleship. You may have to sacrifice your work if it will only take you away from God. You may have to leave some of your friends, do away with some colleagues, say goodbye to some bonuses, give your time and stay focused. Being a disciple is not a bread and butter deal, you need sacrifice.

Keep on Moving

Fasting is hard, but you have to. Praying is difficult, but you must. Meditation is challenging, but it is required. It is not easy to get up in the morning and start your quiet time, I know, but it’s necessary.

No man, having put his hand into the plough, and looking back, is for the kingdom of God. These are the words of Jesus. Therefore plan to sacrifice, if you would become a true disciple of Christ.

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