God is not mad at you

God is not mad at you: You can’t hide it

Consider Moses

Moses grew up in the palace of Pharaoh, apparently with the knowledge of the fact that he was a Jew. Seeing his people suffer in the hands of the Egyptians everyday exasperated him, he couldn’t stand it. His people were made to build cities for the Egyptian kingdom; they served as slaves and received no wages for their job, aside from the land they lived in. Of course they lived in the land of Goshen, a part of the land of the then Egyptian kingdom.

And when Moses went out on that very day, he passed through the land to see how his people suffered. And just then he saw an Egyptian commander beating a Hebrew worker.

You can’t hide it

The anger in Moses rose as usual, like wild fire in dry season, he couldn’t stand it this time, and he reacted to the zeal to change things. Moses went near, he looked around to make sure nobody was watching from anywhere.

He rescued the Hebrew and killed the Egyptian. Apparently he had warned the Hebrew not to mention the act to anybody. If I were the Hebrew guy, I wouldn’t have told anybody either. Moses made sure everything was neat and untraceable. At least, no fingerprints machine to detect anything.

You sins are visible – Yes!

Moses went his way. But the next day, the reality stared at him, it dawned on him like a frightening dream. Everybody had known about the incidence of the previous day, even Pharaoh.

The greatest lie Satan can deceive you with is to tell you nobody would know about your sin. He would tell you to cover it up and keep your mouth shut. I tell you, even if nobody does sees you, God sees you.

God Loves You – Don’t Cover up

He knows even what you do in your closet. So don’t cover up that sin, don’t let the devil deceive you into doing so. Your sin does not make God run away from you, it make Him wants to save you. Jesus stands by the door of your heart, knocking. He needs you to perform just one action, open up to Him. Uncover your sin, address your mistakes, face the facts, face the fight_ come to Jesus.

Come to Jesus Dear

Jesus wants rest for your soul, He wants peace for your mind.

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