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LAW is a complex topic, and worth the discourse. When we learn more about Law, we better our standard of living, directly or indirectly.

Everything around us have their laws. Even our bodies. There is no system without a law, no not even one.

If we agree and say, “There’s no law to this.” Well, maybe we forgot that that is also a Law.

Historical Theory of Law

Historical Theory of Law: Meaning, Explanation, Arguments for and against

May 3, 2019

German Historical School of Jurisprudence The Historical theory of law argues and states that law should be a product of the custom of the society. As we can simply derive from the meaning of the word ‘history’ – the Historical school of jurisprudence is of the opinion that law should be a restatement of the […]

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The woods: legal meaning of motion, prayer, and summon with examples

Meaning of Motion, Prayer, and Summon in law with examples

February 7, 2019

Meaning of Motion, Prayer and Summon in Law Motion, prayer, and summons are common terms in the legal circle. They are of different meanings and distinct usage. This post addresses their basic meaning of motion, prayer, and summon in law. Meaning of Motion in Law I once heard a story of a person, an engineer […]

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Case laws for theories of law: Princiology

Judicial Precedents for Theories of Law

January 28, 2019

Case Laws: Judicial Precedents for Law Theories In answering law questions, it is important that relevant case laws be mentioned to support points. Here are a number of case laws or judicial precedents for various theories of law. See also: Meaning of Motion in Law Case laws for theories of law in Nigeria 1. Positive […]

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Princiology - Classifications of law

Classifications of Law should be the Lawyer’s Servant and not his Master

November 29, 2018

Classifications Of Law as servant Not Master It is important to know this. That the classifications of law are the lawyer’s servant, not his master. With simple semantic analysis, the classifications of law are the classes or groups into which laws have been divided or segmented, according to some common relations or attributes. Some of […]

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Princiology - Pure theory of law

Pure Theory of Law Meaning and Proving as the Most Acceptable Theory of Law

November 29, 2018

PURE THEORY OF LAW Out of the multiple theories of law, I personally do love the Pure theory of Law. I love the concept and reasoning behind it. So, this post is not just about the Pure theory of Law, but to also prove it as the most acceptable theory of all. Stay tuned. To […]

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Princiology - Statue of Liberty

Natural and Positive theory of law: comparison and contrast

November 29, 2018

Comparison and Contrast of Natural and Positive Theory of Law These two are most likely the most popular of the theories of Law. Perhaps, because they are simple and easy to understand. Nevertheless, they can also be confusing or hard to get. So, it is important that we know the similarities and differences between the […]

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Positive theory of law

Positive Theory of Law and Arguments Against It

November 24, 2018

Positive Theory of Law The concept of the ‘Positive Theory of Law’ is not a difficult one to understand. Well, if it is given the simple explanation it deserves. And for this sake, it is important that the main words that makeup the concept be broken down. This is to aid our understanding. The Positive […]

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Princiology - Natural theory of law

Natural Theory of Law: merits and demerits

November 24, 2018

Natural Theory of Law Natural law is a broad and often misapplied term. It goes around various schools of thought in different disciplines like Philosophy, Science, Law, etc. In the light of this fact, it is therefore crucial that a clear understanding about the subject-matter be gotten. This includes the understanding of the keywords, ‘natural’ […]

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What is law on princiology

Law: Definition, Meaning, Legal Meaning of Law

November 24, 2018

What is Law? Definition of Law “A law is an expression, indicator, or imposer of a consistent reality.” I’ll get to explain this definition in a while. Still on Law definition and meaning. Definitions are essential. Law definition and meaning is not an exception. And before we begin any subject, we love to give a […]

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